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Tai chi

Practice Classical Chinese Tai Chi Chuan including all aspects of the old long Yang family forms, from which all modern derivatives have their source. These authentic forms were perfected over generations by the Yang family and reflect the grace, consciousness and power of the physical self and Spirit. They are the heritage of the legendary Yang Cheng Fu and his disciple Grandmaster Fu Zhongwen, widely regarded as the world's most senior authority on Yang family Tai Chi Chuan. The art is taught by Tony Henrys, a professional instructor, who has studied with Fu Zhongwen, and many of China's eminent Masters at Shanghai University. 

Beginning Tai chi

Beginners are most welcome to join the class at any time and will be introduced to simple forms and exercises suitable for all ages and conditions. The exercises promote health, peace and relaxation, and are exactly the type practiced in major hospitals in mainland China. Students may progress to other traditional aspects of the art including Tai Chi Sword, Broad Sword, Pushing Hands, Meditation, Clear Mind Chi Kung through to advanced levels, Wudang Mountain Chi Kung, and the Six Healing Sounds, subject to their requirements.

Tony Henrys

Tony Henrys holds teaching qualifications from Shanghai University, China, and is a leading authority on Yang family Tai Chi Chuan. In recent years, he has taught the art to many instructors and students throughout this country and abroad.

Tai Chi